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Become A Fighter Pilot is an organization of motivating, dynamic, and inspiring speakers who are dedicated to teaching others to pursue excellent leadership and peak performance in life. The speakers come from backgrounds where they have been challenged to lead on the cutting edge. The speakers have excelled in pressure-packed, highly competitive, and dynamic jobs.

Become A Fighter Pilot was started by a fighter pilot with the United States Marine Corps and an expert in the fields of leadership training and performance under pressure. His fast track military career has taken him from his first flight in the FA-18 Hornet to leading combat missions over Iraq. He has piloted the T-34, T-2, A-4, F-18, UH-1N, and the FT-7.

After the completion of basic training, he was transferred to flight school where he earned his "wings of gold" in the fall of 1998.

After learning to fly and fight the F-18, he was transferred to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, CA where he led his squadron on two deployments to the Far East and graduated from the navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun). Additionally, he was selected to attend the Marine Corps' elite Weapons and Tactics School. Following graduation, Ed was subsequently awarded a slot as a staff member.

As one of the Marine Corps top instructors, he has taught and led hundreds of the Marine Corps' select fighter pilots. He has spoken before thousands and is regarded as an expert in leadership training, instructing, and presenting. He has a wealth of experience in teaching and motivating toward maximum performance.

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